Weighted Wristbands 2pk


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Discreet, soft weighted wristbands that support body awareness and fine motor skill enhancement.

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Sensory Feedback Enhancement

Provides proprioception deep pressure input into the forearms, enhancing sensory feedback.

Strength and Comfort

Enhancing hand and wrist strength, these wristbands contribute to stable and comfortable handwriting.

Custom Fit Design

Features an adjustable strap for a custom fit, ensuring comfort and effectiveness for various wrist sizes.

Quality Materials

Made from velour and filled with PVC grains, these wristbands combine comfort with durability. They address sensory needs during handwriting, offering both practicality and support.

Early Writing Skills

Supports the development of the pincer grasp and other fine motor skills crucial for early writing abilities.

Weighted Wristbands 2pk

Discreet, soft weighted wristbands that support body awareness and fine motor skill enhancement.


  • Designed to improve handwriting comfort and stability, these weighted wristbands are essential for enhancing sensory feedback and fine motor skills. Made from soft velour and filled with just the right amount of PVC grains, they provide necessary weight for sensory support. Additionally, the adjustable strap ensures a snug fit, catering to various activities requiring fine motor skill development.

  • Particularly beneficial for children needing extra sensory input or those working on handwriting improvement, the wristbands help maintain a stable hand posture, enabling a more efficient writing technique. Proprioceptive feedback is key in handwriting stabilisation and the wristbands serve as an effective tool in reaching this goal.

  • Available in multiple colours, they support a personalised approach to learning. With adjustable fitting, quality construction, and the ability to enhance sensory inputs, these wristbands are ideal for educators looking to meet diverse learning needs.

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