Sensory Worry Stones


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Designed to soothe and engage, these tactile stones help children focus and feel more secure.

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Stress and Anxiety Relief

The tactile properties of these stones serve effectively in reducing nervous energy and enhancing emotional tranquillity, making them invaluable during moments of overwhelm.

Induces Calmness

By providing a physical object to manipulate, these stones help channel attention and energy constructively, promoting a serene mental state.

Discreet Sensory Aid

These worry stones fit perfectly in the palm, making them an unobtrusive tool for self-regulation during stressful situations or while on the go.

Diverse Textures and Shapes

These sensory stones come in various shapes and textures, such as heart and egg, grooved and knobbly, catering to diverse preferences.

Natural Colour Scheme

The stones feature a natural colour scheme, making them a subtle and pleasant addition to various educational or therapeutic settings.

Sensory Worry Stones

Designed to soothe and engage, these tactile stones help children focus and feel more secure.


  • The Sensory Worry Stones, can support emotional regulation and stress relief. Each set includes a variety of shapes and textures, designed to appeal to individual preferences and needs. These stones are an ideal resource for classroom, encouraging calm and focus in an understated, natural colour palette.

  • Utilising these tactile tools can ease anxiety and promote a sense of security, allowing children to concentrate on learning and activities. The stones are also versatile, supporting a range of educational and therapeutic approaches.

  • Ideal for fostering mindfulness and emotional awareness, these stones serve as both a practical tool and a discreet aid in managing daily challenges.

Technical Summary


    Product includes

  • 2 x heart shaped,2 x egg shaped,2 x grooved textured,2 x knobbly textured,2 x two-tone,2 x hollowed

  • Pack size

  • 12

  • Material

  • Resin



  • Age Range

  • Suitable for 3 to 12 years

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