Plastic Trundle Wheel with Counter


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Make measuring engaging with this trundle wheel, ideal for enhancing practical maths.

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Non-Slip Rubber Wheel

Designed for ease of use, this trundle wheel comes with a non-slip rubber wheel ensuring accuracy and safety during measurement activities, suitable for children aged five to eleven years.

Adjustable Handle

Featuring an adjustable handle, this trundle wheel caters to children of various heights, promoting comfort and ergonomic use in measuring tasks.

Detachable Revolution Counter

The detachable counter accurately tracks wheel revolutions, facilitating precise measurements and supporting mathematical learning.

Indoor & Outdoor Use

Versatile for both indoor and outdoor use, this trundle wheel enables flexible learning environments for practical measurement activities.

Supports Maths Curriculum

Supporting the Mathematics curriculum, this trundle wheel aids in teaching measurement concepts, enhancing children's understanding through practical application.

Plastic Trundle Wheel with Counter

Make measuring engaging with this trundle wheel, ideal for enhancing practical maths.


  • This interactive Plastic Trundle Wheel with Counter is designed to invigorate maths lessons, helping children aged five to eleven embrace measurement with ease. The non-slip rubber wheel combined with an adjustable handle enhances accessibility and safety, while the detachable counter ensures each revolution is accurately captured.

  • Perfect for both classrooms and outdoors, it enriches the Mathematics curriculum by translating theoretical concepts into physical, engaging activities. Learners gain hands-on experience with distance and measurements, fostering an intuitive understanding of maths.

  • Constructed from robust plastic, it's ready to support active learning sessions. This measurement resource elevates practical maths comprehension, making learning not just educational, but enjoyable too.

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