Outdoor Wooden 44 Sounds Pieces


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Take phonics outside with these wooden discs showing the sounds from all of the phonic phases.

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Engaging Outdoor Learning

These wooden pieces are designed to be both appealing and motivating, enhancing outdoor learning experiences by engaging children with natural materials.

Eco-Friendly Material

Constructed from environmentally friendly materials, these wooden pieces offer a sustainable option for educational resources.

Versatile Teaching Tool

Ideal for revising all phonics phases or focusing on individual ones, these pieces adapt to various teaching strategies.

Natural Classroom Aesthetics

The rustic design of these wooden pieces connects children with nature, enhancing their learning environment both indoors and outdoors.

Supports Phonics Curriculum

Aligned with the Year 1 English curriculum, these pieces aid in phoneme recognition and blending sounds, supporting early literacy development.

Outdoor Wooden 44 Sounds Pieces

Take phonics outside with these wooden discs showing the sounds from all of the phonic phases.


  • Designed for outdoor phonics sessions, these robust wooden pieces withstand various weather conditions and are perfect for active learning activities. Representing the 44 phonics sounds, they enhance tactile and visual learning through phoneme recognition.

  • These resources support Year 1 and Reception English curricula, helping children blend and segment sounds to boost early reading skills. Their versatility allows for diverse uses such as activity circles or phonics scavenger hunts, keeping learning engaging and dynamic.

  • Utilising natural elements, these wooden pieces connect children with their environment, promoting learning through physical interaction and exploration in both guided and self-directed scenarios.

Supports the National Curriculum

English, Year 1, Phonics

Respond speedily with the correct sound to graphemes for all 40+ phonemes, including, where applicable, alternative sounds for graphemes.

English, Year 1, Phonics

Apply phonic knowledge and skills as the route to decode words.

English, Year 1, Phonics

Read accurately by blending sounds in unfamiliar words containing GPC's that have been taught.

Technical Summary


    Product includes

  • 69 x Wooden pieces,

  • 69 Wooden sound pieces

  • Pack size

  • 69

  • Material

  • Wood

  • Age Range

  • Suitable for age 3 years and up

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