Mixed Praise Badges 20pk


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A vibrant set of badges designed to celebrate and motivate children by showcasing achievements.

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Rewarding Achievements

These badges are excellent tools for teachers seeking to acknowledge and celebrate children's academic or behavioural achievements, promoting a positive learning environment.

Boosting Self-Esteem

Enhancing children's self-esteem, these badges act as a visual acknowledgment of their individual successes, encouraging a sense of pride and accomplishment.

Attractive Designs

Brightly coloured and playfully designed, these badges capture children's attention, making them excited to receive and display them as marks of their achievements.

Versatile Sizes

Ideal sizes for recognizability, these badges come in small (25mm) and large (38mm), perfect for immediate visual acknowledgment of children's achievements.

Supports All Subjects

These badges support positive behavioural reinforcement, effectively complimenting day-to-day educational activities by offering tangible recognition for children's efforts.

Mixed Praise Badges 20pk

A vibrant set of badges designed to celebrate and motivate children by showcasing achievements.


  • These badges offer a practical and effective way to acknowledge children's positive behaviours and academic success, providing immediate and visible recognition that encourages further effort and participation.

  • Each badge in this 20-pack is thoughtfully designed to be bright and engaging, making them highly desirable amongst children. The diverse range of designs ensures that every child's unique achievements can be celebrated, whether they excel academically or contribute positively to the classroom environment.

  • By incorporating these badges into daily classroom activities, teachers can foster a supportive and encouraging atmosphere. This approach not only promotes positive behavioural patterns but also enhances students' self-esteem and motivation to achieve more. The use of these badges aligns seamlessly with educational goals, making them a valuable addition to any classroom's array of resources.

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