Magnifying Glasses with Stand


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Vibrantly coloured, handheld magnifying glasses with a practical stand for easy storage.

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Durable Construction

Made from high-quality plastic, these magnifying glasses withstand the enthusiastic exploration of children aged 5 to 11 years, ensuring long-lasting use in any educational setting.

Enhanced Observation

Designed to magnify the wonders of the world, these glasses enhance observational skills, making them perfect for detailed scientific investigations and discoveries.

Convenient Storage

The included stand provides a practical solution for storing the magnifying glasses, keeping them safe and organised when not in active use.

Vibrant Colours

Featuring a range of bright colours, these magnifying glasses capture children's attention, making learning and exploration an exciting activity.

Curriculum Support

These magnifying glasses directly support the UK curriculum by facilitating hands-on experiences in scientific investigation, crucial for developing critical thinking and inquiry skills.

Magnifying Glasses with Stand

Vibrantly coloured, handheld magnifying glasses with a practical stand for easy storage.


  • Aimed at children aged 5 to 11, these magnifying glasses are key in sparking curiosity and encouraging exploration. Constructed from durable plastic, this set includes six magnifying glasses in bright colours, accompanied by a stand for convenient storage. Introducing these tools into science lessons aligns with curriculum outcomes, fostering observation and investigative skills.

  • By enabling detailed examination of the natural and scientific world, these glasses support critical thinking and experimentation, foundational for scientific inquiry. This hands-on approach to learning is pivotal in developing a deeper understanding of scientific concepts among children.

  • The stand aids in classroom organisation and teaches children to take care of educational resources. The vibrant magnifying glasses intrigue young learners, motivating them to engage in discovery-based learning that reaches beyond traditional methods, thereby enriching their educational journey.

Supports the National Curriculum

Science, Key Stage 1, Working scientifically

Pupils should be taught to use practical scientific methods, processes and skills through identifying and classifying.

Science, Key Stage 1, Working scientifically

Observing closely, using simple equipment.

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