Large Outdoor Babel Drum


Product Code: 708-MES10162

A durable stainless steel tongue drum, designed for engaging musical activities outdoors.

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Sensory Rich Design

This drum is ideal for inclusive playgrounds and sensory gardens, offering a tactile experience that is accessible and engaging.

Harmonious Tuning

This drum features a pentatonic scale, which ensures all notes harmonise with each other, making it easier for users to produce pleasant music.

Accessibility Features

This ADA accessible drum is designed to accommodate individuals with disabilities, enhancing access to musical experiences.

Outdoor Durability

Engineered from durable stainless steel, this drum stands up to varied weather conditions, ensuring long-lasting use in any outdoor educational setting.

Supports Music Curriculum

It supports the Key Stage 1 Music curriculum by providing opportunities for children to experiment with sound and music creation.

Large Outdoor Babel Drum

A durable stainless steel tongue drum, designed for engaging musical activities outdoors.


  • Ideal for outdoor educational settings, this robust babel drum enhances hands-on learning of musical concepts. It allows children to explore rhythmic patterns and melodic structures in an engaging, open-air environment. The drum suits varying abilities due to its easy-to-play design, helping educators to deliver inclusive music lessons.

  • The instrument caters to children across Key Stage 1, aligning with curricular goals by encouraging exploration and creation through sound. Playing with hands or optionally aided by mallets ensures everyone can participate, supporting physical and emotional expression through music.

  • Beyond educational benefits, the babel drum’s melodic tones fit naturally within sensory gardens or play areas, promoting well-being and interactive play. Its sturdy stainless steel construction guarantees longevity for countless daily endeavours into the world of music, making it a valuable addition to communal and educational landscapes.

Supports the National Curriculum

Music, Key Stage 1

Play tuned and untuned instruments musically.

Music, Key Stage 1

Experiment with, create, select and combine sounds using the interrelated dimensions of music.

EYFS, Expressive Arts & Design

Play instruments with increasing control to express their feelings and ideas.

Technical Summary

Size and measurements


  • 980 mm

  • Width

  • 490 mm

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