Eco and Sustainability Book Pack 8pk


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Start vital conversations on sustainability with this engaging book pack.

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Environmental Learning

This pack is an inspiring collection that supports learning about the environment, sparking curiosity and discussions among children about sustainability.

Interactive Discussions

Designed to spark discussions on important topics such as gardening and recycling, this book pack encourages children to think critically about their impact on the world.

Vocabulary Development

Enhances children's vocabulary by introducing them to new environmentally friendly concepts, fostering both language skills and ecological awareness.

Vocabulary Enrichment

This book pack enriches children's vocabulary by introducing them to key concepts related to sustainability, helping them articulate their thoughts about the environment.

Curriculum Alignment

Aligns with the EYFS curriculum, encouraging children to explore, respect, and appreciate the natural world through engaging story-driven content.

Eco and Sustainability Book Pack 8pk

Start vital conversations on sustainability with this engaging book pack.


  • Introduce young minds to the principles of sustainability with this educational book pack. By focusing on topics such as recycling, preservation of natural resources, and conservation efforts, this collection is designed to spark curiosity and dialogue among early years children.

  • Each book is carefully curated to align with the EYFS curriculum, aiding in the development of communication skills, vocabulary expansion, and a deepened respect for the environment. Stories within the pack encourage children to explore the natural world, fostering an early appreciation and understanding of how ecosystems function and why they are vital to our survival.

  • Beyond reading, this pack serves as a springboard for practical activities that can be integrated into daily learning experiences. Whether discussing individual actions affecting local wildlife or setting up classroom recycling projects, these books provide a good foundation for learning about eco-friendly practices.

  • Contents may vary

Supports the National Curriculum

EYFS, Understanding the World

Encourage children's exploration, curiosity, appreciation and respect for living things.

EYFS, Understanding the World

Encourage toddlers and young children to enjoy and explore the natural world.

EYFS, Communication & Language

Engages children in storytimes.

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