Bright Card Packs Assorted


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Ideal for vibrant art and craft projects across all classrooms.

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Vibrant Colour Range

Each pack contains a vibrant assortment of colours including cobalt blue, crimson, and emerald, perfect for stimulating children's creativity and visual learning.

High-Quality Material

High-quality card constructs these packs, making them easy to cut and fold, ideal for a variety of art and craft projects.

Generous Pack Size

With 50 sheets per pack, there's ample supply for classroom activities, supporting collaborative projects and individual creativity.

Versatile Use

The A4 size and 274-micron thickness offer versatility for different projects, from posters to greeting cards.

Curriculum Support

Supports curriculum activities by providing resources for creating visual aids and projects in subjects like English, Art, and Geography.

Bright Card Packs Assorted

Ideal for vibrant art and craft projects across all classrooms.


  • Bright Card Packs are indispensable for creative classroom activities, offering easy-to-cut and fold, high-quality coloured cards. With colours like cobalt blue, crimson, and emerald, these packs inspire children's creativity in various art and craft tasks.

  • These cards are not just for crafting; they support educational outcomes, too. Children can craft engaging posters for Geography or vibrant greeting cards in English class, making learning visually appealing and interactive. Optimal for a host of educational and creative activities, each A4 card's 274-micron thickness enriches teaching and learning experiences.

  • With 50 sheets in each pack, they provide a substantial resource for classroom projects, facilitating both group activities and individual tasks. This promotes creativity, enhances communication, and improves problem-solving and fine motor skills, offering diverse learning opportunities across multiple subjects.

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  • Each pack contains: cobalt blue, crimson, blue, amber, yellow, violet, scarlet, green, orange and emerald,

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