World Religions Artefacts Collection


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A collection of artefacts for teaching children about religious festivals, worship, art, and faith.

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Diverse Faith Resources

With artefacts representing Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism, and Judaism, this expansive collection connects children to various global faiths.

Cultural Exploration

Ideal for exploring different cultures and beliefs, this collection encourages an immersive learning experience, promoting understanding and tolerance among children.

Respectful Handling

Teaches children the importance of respectful handling of religious artefacts, fostering a deeper appreciation and care for items of spiritual significance.

Curriculum Support

Facilitates immersive RE curriculum tools and activities that support the UK curriculum and highlight the significance of religious festivals and daily worship.

Faith Learning Aids

With lesson activity cards included, this collection serves as essential faith learning aids, making religious education both engaging and informative.

World Religions Artefacts Collection

A collection of artefacts for teaching children about religious festivals, worship, art, and faith.


  • Utilising this collection enriches religious education by promoting experiential learning and cultural understanding. Handling artefacts, such as Puja Bowls, Eid cards, and Miniature Torah Scrolls, helps children learn the importance of respect for diverse faiths.

  • The collection aids in teaching about religious art, festivals, and daily practices in an engaging manner. Through direct interaction with artefacts from all six major world religions, children develop a more inclusive worldview.

  • Supporting teachers with resources for hands-on activities, the collection is aligned with the UK curriculum, focusing on religious festivals, daily worship, and the respectful engagement with religious artefacts. It boosts comprehension and fosters an environment of tolerance and appreciation for cultural diversity.

Technical Summary


    Product includes

  • Jewish collection includes; Hanukkah, Mezuzah Case, Miniature Torah Scroll, Seder Plate and some Rosh Hashanah cards,,Buddhist collection includes; a Buddha, Puja bowls, Incense sticks, Prayer Beads and Buddhist prayer flags,,Hinduism collection includes; Puja Thali, storybook, money envelope, greeting card, mythological picture PC album, Ragoli Diya candle box, non woven bag, plastic figure, 2 x henna impressions and poster,,Christianity collection contains; Crucifix, Icons, Rosary Beads, Wooden Crosses, 3 Certificates, St Damien's Cross, Chalice and Paten and KS2 Lesson openers,,Sikhism collection includes; Kachera, Kesh, Kara, Kanga and Kirpan,,Islam collection includes; Prayer carpet and compass, Eid cards, Quran rack, and 'Marvellous Stories from the Life of Muhammad' book,

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