Wooden St. Damien's Cross


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Enhance class discussions with this wooden Eastern Orthodox cross, a striking religious artefact.

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Why you'll love this product

Distinctive Design

Featuring a unique design, this Eastern Orthodox cross captivates with its beautiful colours and skilled artistry, making it a captivating educational tool.

Supports RE Learning

This artefact aids in teaching about the diversity of Christian symbols globally, enriching religious education with practical examples.

Engaging Discussions

Ideal for sparking insightful class discussions on religious symbols, this cross helps develop critical thinking and respect for diversity.

Durable Material

Constructed from wood, this cross ensures durability for extensive educational activities and frequent classroom use.

Wooden St. Damiens Cross 13cm

Enhance class discussions with this wooden Eastern Orthodox cross, a striking religious artefact.


  • The Wooden St. Damien's Cross provides a valuable resource for educators looking to deepen their students' understanding of Christian iconography, particularly the Eastern Orthodox tradition. At 13cm tall, this beautifully crafted cross can enrich discussions about religious symbols and enhance learning within religious education classes.

  • Incorporating this artefact into lessons expands children's knowledge on the diversity and significance of the cross within various branches of Christianity. By engaging students with tangible examples, it promotes active learning and facilitates a deeper understanding of religious art and symbolism.

  • Furthermore, using this Eastern Orthodox cross in class discussions encourages a comprehensive exploration of cultural and religious diversity. It serves as an effective tool in fostering respect and appreciation for different religious perspectives, thereby supporting a more inclusive learning environment.

Technical Summary



  • Wood

Size and measurements


  • 13 cm

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