Wooden Farm Buildings Small World Play Set


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Explore farm activities with this wooden set featuring buildings and fences for imaginative play.

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Versatile Play Options

Enhance small world environments with this intricate set, featuring detailed wooden farm buildings and fences, perfect for imaginative engagements.

Quality Wooden Construction

Constructed from quality wood, this farm set adds a natural, durable element to small world play, facilitating creativity.

Encourages Storytelling

This farm set actively supports children in creating detailed narratives and engaging in immersive role-playing activities.

Role Play Enhancement

This farm set supports expressive arts by offering a backdrop for narrative exploration in role plays.

Supports EYFS Goals

Aligned with the EYFS curriculum, this product aids in expressive arts and design by sparking children's imagination and play.

Wooden Farm Buildings Small World Play Set

Explore farm activities with this wooden set featuring buildings and fences for imaginative play.


  • Enrich children's play with this wooden farm buildings set. Designed meticulously, the collection includes a hayloft, barn, and multiple fences, enabling children to engage with farm-themed scenarios realistically. The durable construction ensures it withstands frequent use in busy play environments.

  • This farm set helps develop storytelling prowess and imaginative skills, aligning perfectly with the EYFS goals for expressive arts and design. It instils creativity and problem-solving through role-playing various farm roles and scenarios.

  • Ideal for both individual and group play, the set encourages communication and cooperation among children, thereby fostering social interactions and teamwork while they explore various farming tasks and activities.

Supports the National Curriculum

EYFS, Expressive Arts & Design

Provide lots of flexible and open-ended resources for children's imaginative play.

EYFS, Expressive Arts & Design

Begin to develop complex stories using small world equipment like animal sets, dolls and dolls houses.

EYFS, Expressive Arts & Design

Make use of props and materials when role playing characters in narratives and stories.

Technical Summary


    Product includes

  • 1 x Hayloft,1 x Barn,5 x Fences

  • Material

  • Plywood

  • Age Range

  • Suitable for age 10 months and up

Size and measurements


  • 27 cm

  • Length

  • 32 cm

  • Width

  • 16 cm

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