What Went Well Stamper


Product Code: 708-PS10047

A multi-message stamper that is pre-inked and ready for immediate use in educational settings.

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Efficient Feedback Tool

This stamper offers a quick and effective way to provide feedback with pre-inked stamps that include messages like 'What went well' and 'Even better if'.

Ready to Use

Designed for immediate application in the classroom, this stamper comes pre-inked, eliminating the need for additional setup.

Enhances Learning

By clearly marking child work with constructive feedback, it supports learning and improvement, encouraging a reflective classroom environment.

Easy Use

Designed for teacher convenience, this stamper is pre-inked and ready for use, simplifying classroom activities.

Supports Assessment

Aligns with educational assessment strategies by providing clear, visible feedback on child progress and next steps.

What Went Well Stamper

A multi-message stamper that is pre-inked and ready for immediate use in educational settings.


  • This stamper is a valuable tool for teachers looking to provide immediate and clear feedback on child work. It comes with essential messages such as 'What went well', 'Even better if', and 'Next steps', which help in fostering a reflective learning environment.

  • It is particularly useful for quickly communicating performance insights, allowing educators to highlight achievements and suggest improvements efficiently. This is crucial for maintaining consistent feedback across different classes.

  • The stamper's ready-to-use design means it can be employed in various educational scenarios without the need for setup, supporting active teaching and interaction in the classroom.

Technical Summary

Size and measurements


  • 47 mm

  • Width

  • 18 mm

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