Weighted Ankle Bands


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Enhances muscle strength, stability, and calming sensations for children with sensory needs.

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Enhanced Sensory Processing

These ankle bands boost children's development by enhancing proprioception and sensory processing, ideal for managing sensory integration challenges.

Versatile Educational Tool

These ankle bands enhance your educational, physiotherapy, and occupational therapy sessions by providing versatile support and usability.

Deep Pressure Stimulation

Enhancing kinesthetic feedback and sensory awareness, the weighted design around the ankle delivers deep pressure stimulation.

Secure and Comfortable Fit

These bands ensure a snug fit that stays in place during various activities, providing both comfort and security, by including hook and loop strips for secure fastening.

Durable and Safe Materials

These ankle bands provide additional sensory input while ensuring durability and safety, thanks to their soft velour construction and PVC grain filling.

Weighted Ankle Bands

Enhances muscle strength, stability, and calming sensations for children with sensory needs.


  • Ideal for both classroom settings and therapeutic sessions, these weighted sensory ankle bands are great in enhancing proprioceptive feedback. Constructed from soft velour and filled with PVC grains, they offer additional sensory stimuli. Suitable for use in various settings such as physiotherapy and occupational therapy, the bands provide lasting comfort and are adaptable to children’s needs.

  • Easy to secure with hook and loop strips, they ensure that each child can achieve a custom and secure fit, promoting safety and effectiveness in sensory input applications. This versatile tool supports children’s sensory integration strategies, aiding in their stability and attention during tasks.

  • These weighted ankle bands are designed to meet daily educational and therapeutic needs by aiding physical awareness and providing essential deep pressure stimulation that children with sensory needs find beneficial.

Technical Summary


    Pack size

  • 2

  • Material

  • Polyester

Size and measurements


  • 32 cm

  • Width

  • 5 cm

  • Weight

  • 250 g

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