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Essential for school gardening projects, this top soil readies your garden beds for educational activities.

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Optimal Plant Growth

This top soil is ideal for creating nutrient-rich beds and borders in school gardens. Its composition helps retain water efficiently, supporting plant growth.

Educational Gardening Support

Supports educational gardening activities by providing a practical resource for teaching the children about plant care in a hands-on manner.

Enhances Learning Spaces

Transforms outdoor areas into vibrant learning environments where the children can observe and engage with the natural world, enhancing their understanding of ecosystems.

Curriculum Integration

Aligns with the EYFS curriculum by aiding in lessons that teach the children how to plant seeds and nurture growing plants, fostering early scientific exploration.

Year 2 Science Aid

Facilitates Year 2 science objectives by helping the children observe and describe the growth process from seeds to mature plants, reinforcing key educational goals.

Top Soil

Essential for school gardening projects, this top soil readies your garden beds for educational activities.


  • Supplied in 25 litre bags, this top soil is perfect for educational settings, helping enhance plant-based learning activities. It is ideal for replenishing or establishing garden beds and borders, providing a solid foundation for both small-scale projects and more substantial educational gardening initiatives.

  • Utilising this soil supports teaching core aspects of the EYFS and Science curriculum by allowing children to engage practically with the process of planting and growing. Observing the development from seeds to mature plants fosters a deep understanding of natural sciences.

  • Gardening and planting encourages hands-on learning, which is crucial in retaining young children's interest and enthusiasm in science topics.

Supports the National Curriculum

EYFS, Understanding the World

Plant seeds and care for growing plants.

Science, Year 2, Plants

Observe and describe how seeds and bulbs grow into mature plants.

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