Textured Tangle Fidget


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Help restless children to focus and concentrate by keeping minds and hands occupied.

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Sensory Stimulation

Offers sensory stimulation through its varied textures, catering to tactile preferences and enhancing sensory experiences.

Promotes Self-Regulation

Aids in developing self-regulation skills, helping children manage their emotions and behaviours more effectively.

Stress Reduction

Effectively reduces stress and anxiety, providing a calming influence in potentially overwhelming situations.

Durable Design

Crafted with durable materials to ensure it withstands regular use while remaining easy to clean and maintain.

Textured Tangle Fidget

Help restless children to focus and concentrate by keeping minds and hands occupied.


  • The Textured Tangle Fidget to aids concentration and focus, serving as a safe distraction tool for children experiencing stress and frustration. Its varied textures offer a unique sensory experience, diverting attention from surrounding distractions and noises, thereby promoting a sense of calm and relaxation.

  • Incorporating this resource into daily routines supports children in developing self-regulation skills, essential for managing emotions effectively. It becomes particularly beneficial in environments where concentration is paramount, offering a discreet way to address sensory needs without disrupting others.

  • Manufacturers used durable materials to ensure longevity, making this 170mm long fidget resource easy to clean and maintain. It provides both tactile fun and sensory stimulation, making it a must-have for supporting children.

Technical Summary



  • Plastic

  • Age Range

  • Suitable for 3 to 16 years

Size and measurements


  • 170 mm

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