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A visual aid designed to simplify tasks into manageable steps with minimal words or imagery.

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Simplifies Tasks

This tool effectively breaks down tasks into smaller, achievable segments, facilitating a clearer understanding and completion of activities.

Boosts Self-Esteem

Enhances self-esteem and fosters positive learning behaviours by providing structured, manageable steps towards task completion.

Promotes Independence

Encourages children to learn independently while honing their organisational skills, preparing them for future challenges.

Reusable Design

The dry-wipe magnetic pieces offer flexibility and reusability, making it a cost-effective resource for classrooms.

SEN Support

Supports SEN teaching by adapting to each child's learning needs, making it an essential tool for inclusive education.

Task Slicing Tool

A visual aid designed to simplify tasks into manageable steps with minimal words or imagery.


  • The effectiveness of learning with the TTS Task Slicing Tool hinges on understanding a child's unique needs and emotional readiness. It simplifies tasks into manageable components, tailored to the learner's abilities, facilitating a more personalised educational experience.

  • Encouraging independence and organisational skills, this tool also elevates positive learning behaviours and self-esteem. Its magnetic, dry-wipe pieces are designed for versatility, allowing for repeated and varied use in teaching scenarios.

  • Constructed from durable materials and measuring H14.9 x W38cm, it is an ideal resource a range of needs. The TTS Task Slicing Tool supports learning areas like autism visual aids and sensory learning aids, playing a key role in creating inclusive educational environments.

  • Contents may vary.

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