Story Book and Finger Puppet Sets


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Animate popular stories and enhance language development with engaging finger puppets.

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Language & Creative Expression

Helps develop language and creative expression skills through interactive storytelling and puppet play.

Literacy & Listening Skills

Strengthens literacy and listening comprehension skills, turning storytelling into an engaging way to learn.

Focus & Concentration

By actively engaging with the story and puppets, children's ability to concentrate and maintain focus during storytelling is significantly enhanced, fostering a deeper connection to the narrative.

Drama & Oral Communication

Promotes the development of drama and oral communication, offering a platform for using expressive language.

Imagination Stimulation

Encourages children to use their imagination, inspiring them to create their own narratives and engage in creative play.

Story Book and Finger Puppet Sets

Animate popular stories and enhance language development with engaging finger puppets.


  • Unlock the full potential of storytelling with the Story Book & Puppet Sets, tailored for children aged 3 to 12 years. Each set comes with 8 Dear Zoo themed puppets and the enchanting Dear Zoo story book, making it a powerful tool for enhancing language development and creative expression.

  • By engaging children in active storytelling, this set not only boosts listening and comprehension skills but also cultivates focus and oral communication abilities. As children breathe life into stories with the puppets, they're encouraged to explore their imagination and develop their narrative skills.

  • Perfect for both group and individual activities, this resource is invaluable for fostering literacy, sparking imagination, and encouraging expressive language through dramatic play. Witness the transformative power of storytelling as children immerse themselves in the stories, enhancing their educational journey in a fun and interactive way.

Technical Summary


    Product includes

  • 8 x Dear Zoo themed puppets,1 x Dear Zoo story book

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