Stack & Build Emotion Set


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A dynamic resource for exploring emotional expression and body language through interactive play.

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Social-Emotional Learning

This set enhances children's social-emotional awareness by helping them recognise and match various body languages and facial expressions.

Body Language Insights

Teaches children how to identify emotions through the understanding of body language, promoting their ability to empathise and connect with others.

Fine Motor Skills

Constructed from wood, providing a tactile element that supports engagement and learning through hands-on activity.

Self-Checking Feature

Includes a colour-coded dot on each piece for self-assessment, empowering children to learn and verify their emotional recognition skills independently.

PSHE Lesson Support

Enhances understanding of emotional and social concepts through structured, educational play.

Stack & Build Emotion Kids

A dynamic resource for exploring emotional expression and body language through interactive play.


  • This set equips children with the skills to understand and express emotions through play. By matching facial expressions with corresponding body positions, children grasp the nuances of emotional communication. The resource includes wooden blocks and a robust hardwood base, ensuring durability for classroom use.

  • The colour-coded dots on each piece allow for self-assessment, making this an excellent tool for promoting independent learning. As children engage with the set, they develop fine motor skills alongside their emotional comprehension, preparing them for more complex social interactions.

  • It serves as an important tool in teaching children how to recognise and articulate their feelings. This practical application reinforces classroom lessons on emotional intelligence, making it an indispensable addition to educational resources.

Technical Summary


    Product includes

  • Includes:,15 x wooden blocks for making 5 figures,1 x 12" hardwood base,

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