Speech and Language Collection 30pcs


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Aids in enhancing speech and language abilities, providing resources for effective communication.

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Enhances Speech & Language Skills

Supports the development of speech and language skills, fostering both verbal and non-verbal communication abilities.

Versatile Learning Tools

Includes a variety of resources suitable for guided and independent use, enhancing language development across different scenarios.

Portable Communication Kit

Easily transportable, this set can be utilised effectively across multiple settings for consistent language learning experiences.

Builds Confidence in Communication

Encourages children to manage their communication, fostering independence and confidence in their speech and language usage.

Comprehensive Set for Engagement

The set features tools like recordable devices and light-up mirrors, offering multi-sensory ways to engage and enhance language skills.

Speech and Language Collection

Aids in enhancing speech and language abilities, providing resources for effective communication.


  • This set has been designed to support speech and language development for children, offering a wide array of tools for effective and engaging communication enhancement. The kit includes both self-guided and instructor-led resources, designed to cater to varying learning experiences within diverse educational environments.

  • Key components such as recordable devices and interactive mirrors add a multi-sensory dimension to the learning process, making it both enjoyable and highly effective. These elements allow for repetition and practice, which are important for mastering language skills.

  • Additionally, the portable nature of this collection ensures that it can be used across different settings, from classrooms to home learning environments, supporting continuous language development. Each item is designed to foster independence and confidence in children's communication skills, making this set an ideal resource for language and speech learning.

  • Contents may vary.

Technical Summary


    Product includes

  • 1 x recordable briefcase,1 x recordable talking wrist recorder,1 x hear myself sound telephone,6 x big point recordable buttons,1 x set of basket of soft number rhyme activities,1 x electronic discovery doors,,6 x chatter chums,1 x magic pocket carpet,6 x talking gold stars,1 x set of metallic mini microphones,3 x light up square hand mirrors,1 x storage solution,1 x set of teachers notes

  • Pack size

  • 13

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