Sikh Child's Artefact Collection


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Explore the Sikh faith with Sikander's bag, filled with a variety of items.

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  • Sikander can make the Sikh faith more relatable to children!

  • Why not add non-religious items to show Sikander also enjoys football for example.

  • A great way to discuss a range of Sikhism topics.

Sikh Childs Artefact Collection

Explore the Sikh faith with Sikander's bag, filled with a variety of items.

  • Engage children in learning about Sikhism and other religions, making Sikander more relatable by including non-religious items.

  • Unlock the world of Sikhism for children with the Sikh Child Religious Artefact Collection. This set comes with a Kara, Kangha, Kirpan, Patka, Prayer Beads, a Sikh Faith and Practice Book, a Storybook on The Life of All Ten Gurus, a doll, and an artefact bag. It's specially curated to make learning interactive and tangible.

  • Integrating these resources into discussions about Sikh festivals and daily worship, along with non-religious items such as a football to make Sikander relatable, promotes understanding and empathy. This innovative approach not only supports RE curriculums but also aids in creating a classroom environment that values diversity.

  • Specifically designed for Key Stages 1 and 2, this collection plays a crucial role in teaching religious education, focusing on Sikhism's rich traditions. It's invaluable for encouraging respectful conversations about religious diversity and practices.


    Product contents
    • 1 x Kara

    • 1 x Kangha

    • 1 x Kirpan

    • 1 x Patka

    • 1 x Set of Prayer Beads

    • 1 x Sikh Faith and Practice Book

    • 1 x Storybook on The Life of All Ten Gurus

    • 1 x Doll

    • 1 x Artefact Bag

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