Sikh Child's Artefact Collection


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Explore the Sikh faith with Sikander's bag, filled with a variety of items.

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Engaging Sikh Traditions

Sikander's bag brings the Sikh faith closer to children, featuring essential artefacts and stories that illuminate Sikh traditions and practices in an engaging manner.

Relatable Cultural Insights

By adding non-religious items to Sikander's collection, children can see the commonalities they share with others, bridging cultural and religious gaps.

Comprehensive Sikhism Topics

This collection serves as a versatile tool for discussing various aspects of Sikhism, from its festivals to daily rituals, enriching religious education.

Diverse Educational Materials

Includes a diverse range of artefacts and educational materials, making it easier to introduce complex concepts of Sikhism to children.

Curriculum Aligned Learning

Supports Key Stages 1 and 2 curriculum, enhancing lessons on religious tolerance and the significance of Sikh festivals and daily worship.

Sikh Childs Artefact Collection

Explore the Sikh faith with Sikander's bag, filled with a variety of items.


  • Unlock the world of Sikhism for children with the Sikh Child Religious Artefact Collection. This set comes with a Kara, Kangha, Kirpan, Patka, Prayer Beads, a Sikh Faith and Practice Book, a Storybook on The Life of All Ten Gurus, a doll, and an artefact bag. It's specially curated to make learning interactive and tangible.

  • Integrating these resources into discussions about Sikh festivals and daily worship, along with non-religious items such as a football to make Sikander relatable, promotes understanding and empathy. This innovative approach not only supports RE curriculums but also aids in creating a classroom environment that values diversity.

  • Specifically designed for Key Stages 1 and 2, this collection plays a crucial role in teaching religious education, focusing on Sikhism's rich traditions. It's invaluable for encouraging respectful conversations about religious diversity and practices.

  • Contents may vary.

Technical Summary


    Product includes

  • 1 x Kara,1 x Kangha,1 x Kirpan,1 x Patka,1 x Set of Prayer Beads,1 x Sikh Faith and Practice Book,1 x Storybook on The Life of All Ten Gurus,1 x Doll,1 x Artefact Bag

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