Shades of Tonal Soft Blocks


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A collection of shaded soft tonal blocks for matching, sequencing, and colour recognition.

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Colour Shade Introduction

These blocks are ideal for introducing children to different shades of colours, enhancing their visual discrimination skills and aiding in colour recognition.

Versatile Play Options

Children can balance, stack, and sort these soft tonal blocks, fostering fine motor skills and spatial awareness through hands-on play.

Easy Maintenance

Constructed from soft cotton, these blocks are machine washable at 30°, ensuring they are easy to clean and maintain for continuous use in early years settings.

Supports Early Maths Skills

The blocks support early maths skills by encouraging sorting, classifying, and collecting activities, useful for developing logical thinking.

Engaging Textures and Sizes

These tonal blocks come in various engaging sizes and textures, enhancing sensory development while providing ample opportunities for creative expression and problem-solving.

Shades of Tonal Soft Blocks

A collection of shaded soft tonal blocks for matching, sequencing, and colour recognition.


  • The versatility of these soft construction blocks makes them an excellent resource for early learning environments. Children can balance, stack, or line them up, promoting fine motor skills and early geometry concepts through playful exploration.

  • Each block is designed with safety and durability in mind, made from machine-washable cotton. This ensures that they can be easily cleaned and maintained, ready for everyday use in busy classroom settings.

  • By incorporating these blocks into daily play, practitioners can help children develop crucial cognitive skills, including colour recognition, pattern identification, and understanding of spatial relationships. These activities not only support the EYFS curriculum but also encourage an environment where children can learn and grow through self-directed play.

Supports the National Curriculum

EYFS, Mathematics

Provide blocks to play freely with and build with.

EYFS, Mathematics

Provide collections for children to compare numbers.

EYFS, Expressive Arts & Design

Include objects and materials with different patterns, colours, tones, and textures to explore

Technical Summary


    Product includes

  • 4 x cubes (H10 cm x W10 cm each),4 x pyramid top (H7 cm x W10 cm each)

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