Sensory Light Up Glitter Ball


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Engage and entertain with a colourful storm of light, offering calming sensory lighting.

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Mesmerising Lighting

Offers mesmerising sensory lighting, captivating children with its dynamic, colour-changing display and swirling glitter.

Colourful Light Patterns

Projects beautiful, colourful patterns of light onto surrounding surfaces, creating a visually stimulating environment.

Calming Sensory Tool

Serves as an excellent addition to sensory or calming spaces, aiding in relaxation and focus for children.

Battery Operated

Allowing for easy placement and use without the hassle of cords, this device is conveniently battery operated and requires 3 x AA batteries (not included).

Supports Sensory Needs

Especially beneficial for children, providing gentle, calming sensory lighting that enhances sensory play and activities.

Sensory Light Up Glitter Ball

Engage and entertain with a colourful storm of light, offering calming sensory lighting.


  • Ideal for sensory rooms, calming spaces, or desks, this glitter ball lamp helps children decompress with its enchanting, gentle light. Unlike other sensory lighting, it provides a softer illumination, suitable for those who prefer less stimulation. Adults must supervise its safe use. Note: This product operates on batteries and requires 3 x AA batteries, which the package does not include.

  • The mesmerizing effect of the color-changing LED lights, combined with the swirling glitter, projects captivating patterns onto surrounding surfaces, enhancing sensory experiences. It's a great tool for creating a soothing environment that can aid in relaxation and focus.

  • Incorporating this sensory light into various settings supports sensory play and activities, making it an excellent resource for children with additional needs. Its gentle light and dynamic visual effects offer a unique way to engage children, contributing positively to their sensory exploration and comfort.

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