Rainbow Transparent Free Flow Curtains


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The perfect solution for allowing free flow play between indoor and outdoor areas.

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Easy Installation

These curtains ensure a quick and easy installation process, supplied with all necessary components for a straightforward setup.

Customisable Width

Easily adapt these curtains to fit classroom doors of any size. Their modifiable width ensures they complement any educational setting, blending safety with vibrant design.

Safety First

These curtains, made from fire retardant PVC, comply with safety standards and are a secure choice for classrooms.

Vibrant Design

The bright, rainbow colours of these curtains add a lively and warm atmosphere to classrooms, making them more inviting and stimulating for children.

Supports Free Flow Play

These curtains facilitate free flow play by allowing easy transition between indoor and outdoor areas, directly supporting children's physical development through exploration and movement.

Rainbow Transparent Free Flow Curtains

The perfect solution for allowing free flow play between indoor and outdoor areas.


  • Designed for smooth transition between indoor and outdoor learning areas, the Rainbow Transparent Free Flow Curtains enhance any learning environment. These curtains, constructed from fire-retardant PVC, not only enhance safety but also create a visually stimulating atmosphere with their vibrant hues. The complete set, inclusive of curtain strips, hanging plate, and rail, ensures an efficient installation process. Each individual strip is 200mm wide and 2mm thick. The standard length is 2.2m.

  • Facilitating active play and exploration, these curtains serve as an inviting threshold between the comfort of the indoors and the adventure of the outdoors. Their colourful presentation captures the imagination, promoting a lively learning space that inspires creativity.

  • Versatility is at the core of these curtains' design, allowing for easy customization to suit various doorway sizes. This adaptability highlights their utility in fostering a dynamic, secure, and engaging educational space, which encourages well-being and interactive learning among children.

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