Premium Glue Sticks 40g


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A high-quality glue stick for various materials such as paper, fabrics, polystyrene, and collages.

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Smooth Application

These glue sticks provide a smooth and easy application, ensuring that the glue dries clear. This feature helps maintain the aesthetic quality of art and craft projects.

Safe and Washable

The adhesive is both safe and washable, making it suitable for use in nurseries and schools. Its non-toxic and solvent-free formulation ensures safety during use.

Versatile Usage

Suitable for use with a range of 2D and 3D creative materials, including paper, fabrics, polystyrene, and collage materials. This versatility supports diverse art and craft projects.

Strong Formulation

The strong, non-squish formulation ensures a lasting bond, providing durability and reliability for various applications.

Great Value

Available in a range of pack sizes to suit all budgets, these premium glue sticks offer excellent value without compromising on quality.

Premium Glue Sticks 40g

A high-quality glue stick for various materials such as paper, fabrics, polystyrene, and collages.


  • Need versatile and safe adhesive for creative projects? These premium glue sticks offer smooth, easy application and a clear finish when dried. Ideal for paper, fabrics, polystyrene, and collages, the strong, non-squish formula ensures lasting bonds. Safe, washable, non-toxic, and solvent-free, they're perfect for educational settings. Available in various pack sizes to fit any budget, these glue sticks support enhanced creative activities and school improvement.

  • The glue sticks are made from a non-squish formulation, providing a lasting 'stick' and a clear finish when dried. This makes them highly effective for detailed and intricate creative work. Whether you're working with 2D or 3D materials, these glue sticks provide the versatility required for various projects.

  • In nurseries and schools, these glue sticks help raise the profile of arts and crafts. They offer a broader and more equal experience of creative activities, contributing to whole school improvement.

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