Pop-Up Concentration Desk Barrier


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Portable desk barriers designed for child-centric, distraction-minimised learning environments.

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Portable Workspace Solution

Offers a portable solution by creating an individual working environment that can be set up quickly and easily, supporting children's need for a focused workspace.

Enhances Concentration

Aids in improving children's concentration by limiting visual distractions, thereby facilitating a more focused learning experience.

Lightweight and Mobile

Its lightweight construction ensures that it can be effortlessly moved and positioned on different desks, adapting to various classroom layouts.

Easy Storage and Transport

Folds away conveniently for storage in the accompanying bag, making it easy to transport between classrooms or store when not in use.

Stable and Secure

Features suction pads that enhance stability on flat surfaces, ensuring the barrier remains securely in place during use.

Pop-Up Concentration Desk Barrier

Portable desk barriers designed for child-centric, distraction-minimised learning environments.


  • For optimal use, place the barrier on a flat surface and moisten the suction pads for secure attachment. It folds away easily for storage in the provided bag, designed for convenience.

  • The Pop-Up Concentration Desk Barrier is designed to foster a focus-friendly space for children, promoting independent learning. It serves as a tool in creating a private learning space that minimises distractions, which is crucial in busy learning environments. Its design ensures that it can be easily placed on any flat surface, with moistened suction pads to secure it firmly in place, offering stability and reliability.

  • The barrier's lightweight nature allows for easy movement and repositioning to suit individual classroom needs, enhancing its utility in diverse learning scenarios. When not in use, it conveniently folds down, fitting into the included storage bag for ease of transport and efficient space management. This blend of functionality, simplicity, and portability makes the Pop-Up Concentration Desk Barrier a supportive asset in educational settings, aiding in the development of focused, confident learners.

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