Pisces Transfile Transparent Portfolios


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Transport, store, and protect all your valuable artwork and projects with this versatile portfolio.

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Robust Protection

Delivering exceptional protection, these portfolios secure your artwork against physical damages from transportation or long-term storage, maintaining the integrity of your projects.

Designed for Artwork

Specifically sized to accommodate mounted work, ensuring your art pieces fit perfectly without the risk of damage.

Supports Organisation

Efficiently organise and access your projects with this portfolio, designed to ease the sorting and retrieval of your artistic pieces, enhancing your productivity.

Greyboard Insert

The inclusion of a thick greyboard insert adds an essential layer of protection, preventing your artwork from bending or folding and keeping it display-ready for any occasion.

Transparent Design

The transparent outer layer of the portfolio allows for quick identification of contents, simplifying project management and reducing the time spent searching for specific items.

Pisces Transfile Transparent Portfolios

Transport, store, and protect all your valuable artwork and projects with this versatile portfolio.


  • Tailor-made for artists and designers, these portfolios deliver protection and organisational capability for your artwork during both transport and storage. With each portfolio designed to accommodate mounted work, your art pieces are held securely, minimising the risk of damage.

  • The transparent design not only simplifies identifying contents but also protects them from external elements. This makes these portfolios not just storage solutions but also ideal for presentations, allowing your work to be displayed in its best form.

  • Integrated thick greyboard inserts maintain the rigidity of the portfolio, preventing any bending that can damage your art during transport or when archived, thereby supporting your commitment to maintaining high professional standards.

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