My Feelings Rainbow Fidget


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A sensory fidget toy that guides children through understanding their feelings and achieving calm.

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Mesmerising Colour Flows

The captivating movement of colours within the fidget toy aids in concentration and promotes a sense of tranquillity, supporting children's ability to focus and remain calm.

Emotional Development Support

This resource introduces children to self-management strategies through the exploration of emotions, aiding in their emotional growth and understanding.

Inclusive Activity Guide

Comes with a discussion and activity guide, offering structured ways to engage with the resources and discuss emotions, enhancing its educational value.

Safe and Easy to Use

Designers created the fidget toy with little hands in mind and permanently sealed them to ensure they are safe and straightforward for children to manipulate and explore.

Dual-Sided Design

The unique double-sided feature provides varied sensory experiences, from smooth to choppy colour flows, facilitating a broader range of emotional expression.

My Feelings Rainbow Fidget

A sensory fidget toy that guides children through understanding their feelings and achieving calm.


  • By turning the rainbow, children can observe calming colour flows or engage with the contrasting side for a different sensory experience. The manufacturer permanently seals this easy-to-grasp tool for safety and includes an activity guide to enhance its use.

  • The My Feelings Rainbow Fidget toy stands out as a multi-sensory tool designed to engage children in understanding and identifying their feelings. Featuring a double-sided design, one side illustrates a smooth flow of colours from a joyous cloud, providing a calming effect. The other side depicts a turbulent colour flow from a sorrowful cloud, allowing for the exploration of different emotional states. This visual and tactile contrast helps children navigate their emotions.

  • Accompanying the fidget is an activity guide, aimed at fostering conversations around emotions. The guide's activities support children in articulating and exploring their feelings, equipping them with the emotional vocabulary to express themselves confidently. Furthermore, the fidget's design ensures its safety and durability for daily handling by young users. With its engaging colours and easy-to-hold size, it serves as a valuable resource for emotional learning and self-regulation in a playful and interactive manner.

Technical Summary


    Product includes

  • 1 x Rainbow Fidget,1 x Activity Guide

Size and measurements


  • 4.6 cm

  • Length

  • 14.5 cm

  • Width

  • 9.9 cm

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