Let's Boost Fine Motor Skills Kit


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A versatile set of resources and tools designed to enhance fine motor skills and coordination from an early age.

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Engaging Fine Motor Skill Development

This kit offers fun and engaging activities specifically designed to enhance fine motor skills,

Enhanced Hand-Eye Coordination

The resources included help improve hand-eye coordination, supporting children in tasks that require precision and focus.

Self-Regulation Support

Beyond motor skills, this kit is great as a self-regulation toolkit, aiding children in maintaining calmness and concentration.

Varied Learning Tools

From threading and weaving to interlocking and tracing, the varied set of tools in this kit supports a broad range of fine motor skills development.

Preparation for Essential Skills

Activities are aimed at preparing children for essential life skills like writing and drawing, making learning enjoyable and effective.

Let's Boost Fine Motor Skills Kit

A versatile set of resources and tools designed to enhance fine motor skills and coordination from an early age.


  • This comprehensive kit advances children's fine motor skills, providing a varied assortment of engaging activities such as threading, weaving, and rolling. These activities are crucial not only for muscle development in young hands and fingers but also for encouraging hand-eye coordination.

  • As children engage with each element of the kit, they gain confidence and improve their ability to perform everyday tasks with ease. From pre-writing skills to sorting and interlocking, each component has been thoughtfully designed to encourage independence and developmental milestones.

  • The flexibility of the kit makes it an ideal resource for both structured and spontaneous play, ensuring that children remain engaged and focused while developing their fine motor skills and gaining foundational skills.

Technical Summary


    Product includes

  • 1 x Let’s Roll – Garden Bugs,1 x Let’s Roll – Forest Friends,1 x Let’s Roll – Ocean Life,1 x Let’s Roll – Pond Life,1 x Count & Thread Stones,1 x Threading Kebabs,1 x Threading Pebbles,1 x Interlocking Sensory Stones,1 x Feels-Write Pre-Writing Stones,1 x Set Weaving Frames,1 x Set Threading Frames,1 x On Your Marks – essential guide to mark making and early writing

  • Pack size

  • 12

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