Large Jewish Torah Holy Book


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A useful artefact for understanding Jewish faith, customs, and laws through the Torah.

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Authentic Religious Artefact

This artefact serves as a genuine representation of the Jewish Torah, providing an authentic resource for exploring Jewish customs, beliefs, and faith in educational settings.

Supports Religious Studies

Ideal for enhancing lessons on Judaism, this Torah helps educators explain Jewish teachings and the historical context of Jewish laws effectively.

Detailed Historical Insight

Offers detailed insights into the early history of the Jewish people, supporting curriculum topics on religious and cultural heritage.

Instructional Resource

Facilitates a deeper understanding of the Torah's role as an instructional text within the Jewish community.

Large Jewish Torah Holy Book

A useful artefact for understanding Jewish faith, customs, and laws through the Torah.


  • Engaging with the Jewish Torah through this artefact enriches learning in educational settings, enhancing understanding of Jewish customs, beliefs, and laws. Serving as a primary source, the Torah supports religious education by connecting children with essential texts of Judaism.

  • This Torah is a valuable tool for discussing the significance of sacred texts in religious practices and daily life. Such discussions can foster respect for cultural diversity and deepen comprehension of Jewish teachings.

  • Moreover, the Torah offers insights into its role in contemporary Jewish life, supporting critical thinking and inclusivity in classroom discussions. It proves essential for educators aiming to deliver a broad and respectful understanding of global religions.

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  • 30 cm

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