Incredible Foam Assorted Pack


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Elevate your craft projects with this vibrant foam pack.

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Creative Exploration

This pack offers a unique blend of colourful foam beads and non-toxic adhesive, enabling children to create distinctive textures and shapes. It's designed for imaginative play and learning.

Curriculum Aligned

Supporting the EYFS curriculum, this resource aids in achieving expressive arts and design aims, such as exploring textures and joining materials, across multiple levels.

Safe and Non-Toxic

Constructed from safe, non-toxic materials, this foam pack ensures a secure environment for children to explore and create, making it ideal for classroom use.

Easy Clean-Up

The non-drying adhesive formula not only allows for extended creative play but also ensures that clean-up is hassle-free, keeping classrooms tidy.

Expressive Arts Support

By encouraging children to safely use and explore a variety of materials, this pack directly supports the 'Expressive arts and design' aim within the EYFS curriculum.

Foam Dough Classroom Pack

Elevate your craft projects with this vibrant foam pack.


  • The Incredible Foam Assorted Pack enriches art projects, fostering creativity and hands-on learning. It offers a blend of colourful foam beads and non-toxic adhesive, enabling children to explore textures and shapes and develop fine motor skills. Ideal for individual and group projects with 36 pieces in each pack.

  • Aligned with EYFS curriculum objectives in expressive arts and design, it encourages the exploration of materials, textures, and creative expression from pre-school to reception. It supports aims like joining different materials and experimenting with design, facilitating engaging and educational experiences.

  • Crafted from safe, child-friendly materials, the pack ensures a secure learning environment. Its easy-to-clean nature makes it perfect for classrooms, promoting a tidy space post-creativity sessions.

Supports the National Curriculum

EYFS, Expressive Arts & Design

Introduces children to different materials and textures.

EYFS, Expressive Arts & Design

Explore different materials freely, to develop their ideas about how to use them and what to make.

EYFS, Expressive Arts & Design

Manipulate and play with different materials.

Technical Summary


    Pack size

  • 36

  • Age Range

  • Suitable for age 3 years and up

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