Grab and Go Music Playground Set 50pcs


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Create your music area and let children explore a wide range of sounds.

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Outdoor Learning Ready

Designed for outdoor learning, this kit enables children to explore music beyond the confines of the classroom, making every environment a potential stage for musical discovery.

Whole Group Engagement

With resources for up to 58 children, this kit facilitates whole-group participation, encouraging inclusivity and teamwork in music-making activities.

Collaborative Fun

The kit promises group fun with a diverse selection of instruments, fostering a collaborative and joyful environment for music exploration.

Easy Storage and Transport

Includes a convenient carrying and storage bag, making it easy to keep the instruments organised and portable for music activities anywhere.

Curriculum Aligned

Supports Key Stage 1 music objectives, specifically aimed at helping children experiment with and create music through sound selection and combination.

Grab and Go Music Playground Set 50pcs

Create your music area and let children explore a wide range of sounds.


  • Music enriches the educational experience, fostering creativity and expression. The MES Grab And Go Music Kit stands as an essential resource, offering a diverse set of instruments for up to fifty-eight children. Its versatility broadens the scope for musical exploration and promotes inclusivity in music-making sessions, whether indoors or outdoors.

  • Aligned with Key Stage 1 objectives, the kit enables children to delve into the interrelated dimensions of music, experimenting with and combining various sounds. This hands-on learning approach is pivotal for building an early appreciation and understanding of music.

  • Featuring a practical carrying and storage bag, the instruments are easily transportable and accessible. This characteristic underscores the kit's utility in dynamic educational settings, where it functions to encourage group collaboration and enjoyment in musical discoveries.

  • Contents may vary.

Supports the National Curriculum

Music, Key Stage 1

Experiment with, create, select and combine sounds using the interrelated dimensions of music.

Technical Summary


    Product includes

  • 20 x Coloured Claves,10 x Jingles,5 x 15cm Tambourines,8 x Boomwhackers,20 x Castanets,10 x Wooden Spoons,12 x Ribbon Twirls,2 x Guiro/Scrapers,2 x Ground Sheets,1 x Tub Trug

  • Pack size

  • 90

  • Age Range

  • Suitable for 5 to 11 years

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