Gardening Tools Kit


Product Code: 708-EC00670

Lightweight gardening equipment with durable metal heads and comfortable contoured grips.

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  • Lightweight tools with durable metal heads

  • Ideal beginners gardening equipment for KS1 and lower KS2

  • Versatile equipment for numerous gardening tasks

Gardening Tools Kit

Lightweight gardening equipment with durable metal heads and comfortable contoured grips.

  • Designed for KS1 and lower KS2, this set of 10 includes a shovel, spade, fork, soil rake, leaf rake, hoe, brush and a hand fork, trowel and rake.

  • As well as providing young gardeners with an enjoyable hands-on learning experience, the use of tools in school gardens can help a child’s hand eye co-ordination as well as their fine motor skills.

  • With all the quality of adult equipment in a child-friendly size, the versatile tools can be used for all the tasks that need to be undertaken in the school garden.

  • Spades, forks and shovels can be used for digging holes, turning soil to improve aeration and drainage, removing weeds and dividing and moving plants. The shape of the shovel head also makes it effective for scooping up material, so can be used to clear away debris and for loading wheelbarrows. The hoe can be used to break up compacted soil and for creating shallow trenches in the soil ready for the planting of seeds.

  • The soil and leaf rakes have sturdy tines, so are particularly useful in preparing and maintaining soil conditions to promote plant growth, for levelling uneven ground and for removing debris like twigs and leaves. The brush can be used for keeping the school garden clean and tidy as well as creating smooth surfaces in soil for seed sowing.

  • Gardening hand tools are small in size, and can be used to easily access hard to reach or tight spaces, they also allow for more precision than larger equipment, so are especially useful for more delicate tasks. To teach a child how to safely and responsibly use the equipment, you should explain how to hold the tools correctly. Explain that equipment like spades, shovels and forks should always be pointed towards the ground, but should be kept away from their feet. Highlight that soil and leaf rakes have tines, so should also be pointed downwards in order to avoid contact with their own and other children’s faces.


  • Pack size:


  • Material:


  • Product contents
    • 1 x Shovel

    • 1 x Spade

    • 1 x Fork

    • 1 x Brush

    • 1x Soil Rake

    • 1 x Leaf Rake

    • 1 x Hoe

    • 1 x Hand Trowel

    • 1 x Hand Fork

    • 1 x Hand Rake

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