Fine Motor Skills Pre-Writing Boards


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Develop movement skills for easier letter writing.

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Pre-Writing Movement

This set effectively prepares children for writing by developing their fine motor skills and pre-writing movement, making it easier for them to grasp pencil control and make letter formations.

Letter Formation Patterns

Introduces children to letter formation through various patterns, for an easier transition to writing.

Engaging Writing Activity

Turning mark making into a fun, interactive process, this set engages children and fosters a positive attitude towards learning to write, laying a strong foundation for future writing success.

Durable Construction

Constructed from durable wood, the set includes 15 pattern boards and 100 sheets of paper. It provides everything needed for enhancing handwriting skills while being robust enough for everyday use.

Curriculum Support

By supporting the early stages of handwriting development, this set aligns with curriculum goals, enhancing preschoolers' ability to form letters and improve their pencil control and motor skills.

Fine Motor Skills Pre-Writing Boards

Develop movement skills for easier letter writing.


  • Designed to foster pre-writing skills, this set features fifteen pattern boards in varied colours, progressing from simple to complex. It encourages children to develop at their own pace, achieving success with each pattern.

  • Made from sturdy wood, these boards accommodate any writing tool, from pencils to felt pens, allowing for versatility. When removed, the fine motor board reveals the pattern created, providing instant visual feedback and a sense of accomplishment.

  • The set includes a board holder and 100 sheets of paper, perfectly matching the board dimensions for seamless practice. Not only does it improve fine motor skills, but it also builds independence and confidence as children prepare for future writing tasks.

  • Contents may vary.

Technical Summary


    Product includes

  • 15 Pattern Boards L291 x W94mm,Board Holder L296 x W105mm,100 sheets paper L296 x W105mm

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