Make Your Own Fairgrounds D&T Class Kit


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A comprehensive STEM kit for thirty pupils, enhancing understanding of circuits and structures.

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Circuits & Structures

The pack offers a foundational understanding of scientific and engineering principles through circuits and structures, including various components for experimentation.

Cross-Curricular Learning

This pack enhances STEM learning by integrating science with design technology, offering broad educational benefits.

Classroom Ready

This pack, with resources for 30 students, is ideal for classrooms, allowing all children to engage in hands-on learning.

Teacher Support

Teacher support notes offer insights and tips for effective lesson integration, enhancing the educational experience.

Technical Knowledge

Supports UK Design and Technology curriculum at Key Stage 1, teaching how to build strong, stiff, and stable structures.

Fairgrounds D&T Class Kit

A comprehensive STEM kit for thirty pupils, enhancing understanding of circuits and structures.


  • The Fairgrounds D&T STEM Classpack brings a varied STEM education to thirty pupils. It's packed with hands-on resources like wooden wheels, plastic pulleys, and battery holders for building fairground models, promoting an understanding of circuits and structures. This multifaceted approach helps illustrate complex scientific principles in a tactile way.

  • By aligning with the UK curriculum for Key Stage 1 and 2 in Design and Technology and Science, it empowers children to explore structures and circuits through practical activities. Children will compare component functions in electric circuits and use symbols to represent circuits in diagrams, thus deepening their scientific knowledge.

  • With its durable components, the classpack is not just a tool for learning; it's an investment in creating a compelling educational environment. The inclusion of teacher support notes ensures that integrating this resource into lesson plans is straightforward, enriching the learning experience.

  • Contents may vary.

Supports the National Curriculum

Design & Technology, Key Stage 1, Technical Knowledge

Build structures, exploring how they can be made stronger, stiffer and more stable.

Science, Year 6, Electricity

Compare and give reasons for variations in how components function, including the brightness of bulbs, the loudness of buzzers and the on/off position of switches.

Science, Year 6, Electricity

Associate the brightness of a lamp or the volume of a buzzer with the number and voltage of cells used in the circuit.

Technical Summary


    Product includes

  • 30 x Task boxes,100 x 54mm Diameter wooden wheels 100 x Mixed diameter wooden wheels 10 x Corrugated plastic sheets,50 x Lengths of 8mm square section wood,120 x Mixed plastic pulleys,100 x Cotton reels,30 x DC motors and mounting clips,30 Battery holders,90 Crocodile leads,30 x toggle switches,40 x 600mm lengths of 5mm dowel 500 x Wooden lolly sticks,245g bag of rubber bands,

  • Age Range

  • Suitable for 7 to 11 years

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