Easi-View Wireless Visualiser


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A wireless visualiser enabling high-quality image and video capture for educational use.

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High-Quality Imaging

Equipped with a 10MP camera, this visualiser captures high-resolution images and videos, suitable for a variety of educational activities.

Animation Creation

Allows children to create stop-frame animations, enhancing creativity and learning through interactive tools.

Children Collaboration

Enhances collaborative learning by enabling instant sharing and feedback through wireless connectivity.

Wireless Connectivity

Enjoy the ease of connecting with students' devices wirelessly, making it possible to stream educational content directly without physical constraints.

Portfolio Development

Suitable for creating detailed educational portfolios, this visualiser supports evidence of learning through visual documentation.

Easi-View Wireless Visualiser

A wireless visualiser enabling high-quality image and video capture for educational use.


  • This visualiser transforms educational interactions by facilitating a wireless, collaborative experience. It encourages participation by allowing teachers to display and discuss student work live, nurturing a connected and responsive learning environment.

  • The product's flexibility and wireless capabilities make it ideal for a range of settings, from classrooms to assemblies. By supporting a variety of digital devices, including iOS and Android tablets and Windows 10 PCs, it ensures broad compatibility and easy integration into existing tech.

  • Its design includes a flexible gooseneck, empowering teachers to display objects, documents, and experiments from various angles and heights. This adaptability makes it perfect for show-and-tell activities, demonstrations, and group projects, fostering an engaging educational atmosphere.

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