Double Sided A4 Whiteboards


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A rigorously tested set of A4 laminated whiteboards, lined on one side, blank on the other.

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Durable Construction

Constructed from toughened card and laminated for durability, these whiteboards withstand daily classroom use.

Safety Features

Designed with rounded corners, these whiteboards prioritise child safety during classroom activities.

Versatile Design

Featuring a versatile dual-sided design, one for handwriting practice and one for free drawing, catering to diverse educational needs.

Optimal Thickness

Their 2.25mm thickness ensures rigidity, preventing any flexing and eliminating noise for an undistracted learning experience.

Supports EYFS Literacy

Aligned with the EYFS curriculum, these whiteboards encourage children to write and draw, supporting early literacy skills development.

Double Sided A4 Whiteboards

A rigorously tested set of A4 laminated whiteboards, lined on one side, blank on the other.


  • Double-sided A4 whiteboards, designed for early years learning, offer a versatile tool for communication, language, and literacy development. With one side lined for structured handwriting practice and the other blank for creative drawing, these boards cater to a variety of educational activities.

  • Adhering to EYFS curriculum guidelines, these whiteboards motivate children to write and draw, providing opportunities with a tactile and engaging approach. They encourage mark making and drawing freely, supporting early literacy and creative expression in a stimulating manner.

  • Constructed with safety in mind, the rounded corners ensure a safe learning environment, while the robust 2.25mm thickness prevents flexing and eliminate distractions. These features make the whiteboards an indispensable asset in the classroom, igniting a love for writing and drawing.

Supports the National Curriculum

EYFS, Literacy

Motivate children to write by providing opportunities such as clipboards, chalk, and writing boards.

EYFS, Literacy

Provide a wide range of stimulating equipment to encourage mark making.

EYFS, Literacy

Encourages enjoyment in drawing freely.

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