Dice Bulk Value Class Kit 162pcs


Product Code: 708-MA02156

A comprehensive set of dice for enhancing maths skills.

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  • The Polyhedra Dice set is perfect for strengthening skills across many Maths areas in KS1 and KS2.

Dice Bulk Value Class Kit 162pcs

A comprehensive set of dice for enhancing maths skills.

  • Ideal for group activities, this set includes a variety of dice, all stored in a convenient box with a handle.

  • Enhance maths learning in KS1 and KS2 with the Polyhedra Dice Set, designed to support a wide range of mathematical concepts. The set comprises 14 types of dice, including blank, numeral, and polyhedral faces, catering to different teaching needs. Housed in a durable storage box with a handle, these teaching aids are conveniently accessible for lessons.

  • The set is invaluable for teaching Key Stage 1 Geometry, facilitating the exploration of shapes, symmetry, and identification in an engaging, hands-on approach. It supports curriculum learning, making complex concepts easier to grasp for children.

  • Beyond geometry, this versatile set encourages number-based learning through games and activities, fostering collaboration and problem-solving. It's an essential resource for creating an interactive and engaging maths learning environment.


  • Pack size: 162
  • Material: Plastic
  • Age Range: 5-6 years to 10-11 years
    • 12 x Blank
    • 20 x Operation
    • 10 x Numeral
    • 30 x Spot
    • 10 x 0-9 Face
    • 10 x 1-4 Face
    • 10 x 1-12 Face
    • 10 x 1-8 Face
    • 10 x 1-10 Face
    • 10 x 1-20 Face
    • 10 x 10-90 Face
    • 10 x 100-900 Face
    • 10 x 1000-9000 Face

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