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Create a focused, distraction-free area on any desk with this easy-to-use partition.

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Enhances Concentration

Beneficial for children who find focusing challenging, this partition minimises distractions, facilitating a more productive learning experience.

Personal work space

Effortlessly transforms any desk into a private space, making it easier for children to engage with their tasks with less external interruptions.

Boosts Self-Confidence

By providing a personal workspace, it encourages children to take responsibility for their learning, fostering self-confidence and independence.

Social Skills Development

While offering privacy, it also serves as a tool for teaching respect for others' workspaces, contributing to social skill enhancement.

Durable and Practical

Made from sturdy cardboard and sized at H36 x W107cm, this partition is both a durable and practical addition to any classroom setting.

Desk Privacy Partition 10pk

Create a focused, distraction-free area on any desk with this easy-to-use partition.


  • Crafted from durable cardboard, this partition offers a simple yet effective method for creating private learning spaces within busy environments. Its dimensions of H36 x W107cm ensure it fits a wide range of desk sizes, making it a versatile tool for schools.

  • Ideal for children who face concentration challenges or require a quiet area for learning, this partition acts as a barrier against visual and auditory distractions. By establishing a private distraction-free workspace, it can support children's' emotional well-being and academic performance.

  • This pack contains 10 partitions, allowing educators to equip multiple desks, fostering an environment conducive to focused work. Not only does it enhance individual concentration, but it also encourages the development of personal responsibility and respect for peers' personal space, contributing positively to the classroom's social dynamics.

Technical Summary


    Pack size

  • 10

  • Material

  • Cardboard

  • Age Range

  • Suitable for 5 to 16 years

Size and measurements


  • 36 cm

  • Width

  • 107 cm

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