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A striking metal crucifix that serves as a central symbol for teaching Christianity in schools.

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Symbolic Design

This crucifix serves as a significant educational resource for religious studies. Ideal for classrooms focusing on Christianity, it garners attention and interest.

Durable Material

Made from metal, this crucifix is robust, ensuring it remains a lasting educational resource in a classroom setting.

Visual Learning Aid

The visual aspect of this crucifix aids in the depiction of Christian narratives, providing a focal point for lessons on the crucifixion.

Classroom Engagement

This crucifix aids in engaging children during lessons on Christianity, enhancing their understanding through visual representation.

Handcrafted Crucifix

A striking metal crucifix that serves as a central symbol for teaching Christianity in schools.


  • Introducing a crucifix in religious education not only assists with immersion into Christian theology but also serves as a tactile reference for discussions around Christian symbols. It effectively supports teaching about the crucifixion and related theological concepts, making it easier for children to visualise and comprehend these subjects.

  • In the classroom, this crucifix can ignite discussions on the broader aspects of Christian life and rituals, encouraging exploration and inquiry into the significance of religious practices. Its continual presence enriches the learning environment, transforming abstract teachings into tangible insights.

  • Moreover, this crucifix supports the UK religious education curriculum, linking theoretical knowledge with physical artefacts. It helps deepen understanding of the historical and cultural contexts of Christianity, facilitating a holistic approach to religious education.

Technical Summary



  • Metal

Size and measurements


  • 33 cm

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