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Great quality budget whiteboards, durable for every day use in all classrooms throughout school.

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Flexible and Lightweight

Constructed from 650 micron gloss, white PVC, these boards offer flexibility and a lightweight design, making them suitable for various educational activities.

Dual-Sided Use

The dual-sided design offers a lined side for structured writing and a blank side for free drawing, enhancing versatility in teaching methods.

Safety Features

Featuring rounded corners for enhanced safety, these boards are designed for secure handling by children, facilitating a safer learning environment.

Dry Erase Compatibility

These non-magnetic whiteboards support easy writing and erasing, perfectly compatible with dry wipe pens and ideal for dynamic learning environments.

Supports EYFS Literacy

These whiteboards are designed to support EYFS Literacy objectives such as providing opportunities for writing with tools like clipboards and writing boards.

Budget Whiteboards

Great quality budget whiteboards, durable for every day use in all classrooms throughout school.


  • These versatile whiteboards are ideal for fostering literacy skills from preschool to Lower Key Stage 2. Their dual-sided nature with one lined and one blank side provides a platform for both structured writing activities and free drawing, encouraging children to express themselves thoroughly and safely.

  • In early years settings, the rounded corners ensure child safety while the lightweight, flexible design makes them easy for small hands to handle. The whiteboards can be used across various curriculum topics, serving as effective teaching aids that support both directed activities and spontaneous learning.

  • Perfectly sized for individual use, these non-magnetic boards harness the benefits of dry-erase technology, allowing for repeated use without losing quality. They support handwriting development and visual learning, aligning with literacy goals within the EYFS and Key Stage 2 curricula.

Supports the National Curriculum

EYFS, Literacy

Motivate children to write by providing opportunities such as clipboards, chalk, and writing boards.

EYFS, Literacy

Encourages enjoyment in drawing freely.

EYFS, Literacy

Supports children to write letters accurately.

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