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A set of colour-coded stickers designed to assist in learning to read music through visual aids.

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Colour-Coded Learning

These stickers are designed to simplify music learning through colour recognition. Each sticker represents a different note, making it easier for children to associate colours with musical notes.

Instrument Transition

By using these colour-coded stickers, children can effortlessly transition between different musical instruments, enhancing their musical versatility and understanding.

Enhanced Note Recognition

The distinct colours of the stickers aid in quick and effective music note recognition, fostering a more intuitive learning process for reading sheet music.

Generous Pack Size

This pack includes two hundred stickers, providing ample resources for classroom use and supporting detailed learning experiences in music education.

Curriculum Support

These stickers align well with music education curricula, facilitating an engaging and interactive way to learn to read music, particularly beneficial for beginners.

Boomwhacker Stickers

A set of colour-coded stickers designed to assist in learning to read music through visual aids.


  • Leverage colour recognition to enhance musical education with these innovative stickers. Each vibrant sticker corresponds to a musical note, making it easy for children to associate colours with sounds. This method supports memory retention and encourage musical instrument transitions.

  • Perfect for primary settings, these colour-coded stickers facilitate hands-on learning in music classes. Children can apply them directly to instruments, promoting practical learning and understanding of music theories like note identification and reading sheet music.

  • Aligned with UK music educational objectives, these stickers come in a pack of two hundred, ready to enrich classroom learning and foster musical development amongst young learners.

Technical Summary


    Pack size

  • 200

  • Material

  • Paper

  • Age Range

  • Suitable for 5 to 11 years

Size and measurements


  • 28 mm

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