Bee-Bot® Construction Site Mat


Product Code: 708-IT10151

An educational mat that combines programming with geographical learning for Key Stage 1 children.

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Interactive Programming

This mat can be used to teach the basics of programming. By navigating Bee-Bot on a construction-themed layout, children learn to use directional commands effectively.

Geographical Skills

Designed to support geographical learning, this mat helps children use simple directions and locational language, vital for understanding basic navigation and map skills.

Engaging Design

The vibrant, detailed design of the construction site on the mat captures children's interest, making learning about programming and geography an exciting adventure.

Curriculum Support

Aligns with Key Stage 1 curriculum objectives in Computing and Geography, providing a practical resource for teaching fundamental skills in these subjects.

Programming Fundamentals

Supports the Computing curriculum by helping children create and debug simple programs, fostering critical thinking and problem-solving skills from an early age.

Bee-Bot Construction Site Mat

An educational mat that combines programming with geographical learning for Key Stage 1 children.


  • This thematic mat merges computing and geography, engaging children in practical and enjoyable learning. By navigating the Bee-Bot across this construction-themed mat, children apply coding techniques and understand spatial awareness using positional language. These activities directly support Key Stage 1 objectives in Computing and Geography, encouraging skills in programming and map reading.

  • The mat's detailed illustration of a construction site specifically aids in grasping directional instructions and executing simple coding programs. It's an effective way to introduce young learners to basic geographical skills and computational thinking, preparing them for more complex concepts.

  • This allows for customizable experiences tailored to specific classroom needs, making it a versatile addition to any educational setting.

Supports the National Curriculum

Computing, Key Stage 1

Create and debug simple programs.

Geography, Key Stage 1, Geographical Skills & Fieldwork

Use simple compass directions and locational and directional language, to describe the location of features and routes on a map.

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