Assorted Metal Messy Play Scoops


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A set of metal scoops ideal for messy play with materials like sand and stones.

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Early Maths Exploration

Enable children to investigate early maths concepts by comparing sizes and contents using different sized scoops. This hands-on approach makes learning engaging and accessible.

Enhances Messy Play Areas

These scoops transform any messy play area, encouraging children to scoop and gather materials like sand and stones for creative activities such as potion making.

Versatile Play Options

Ideal for engaging sensory activities, these scoops are suitable for a variety of contexts, supporting children in potion making and more.

Supports Expressive Arts

These scoops help children use props and materials effectively when role-playing characters in narratives and stories, supporting expressive arts and design.

Assorted Metal Messy Play Scoops

A set of metal scoops ideal for messy play with materials like sand and stones.


  • These metal scoops are crucial for encouraging explorative learning in early years environments. They support child-centred activities that enhance physical development and fine motor skills through daily tasks like pouring and scooping. Moreover, they facilitate role-playing in expressive arts by allowing effective use of props in storytelling.

  • These tools are designed to encourage early maths skills by helping children visually and verbally compare quantities, using terms such as 'lots', 'more', and 'same'. They also promote the skilled use of one-handed tools in messy play areas, thereby enhancing fine motor development.

  • Constructed from durable metal, these scoops are built to withstand frequent use in educational settings where play-based learning is integrated. They offer a variety of sensory experiences essential for comprehensive child development. Their robust construction ensures safe and prolonged use, making them ideal for dynamic outdoor play.

Supports the National Curriculum

EYFS, Expressive Arts & Design

Make use of props and materials when role playing characters in narratives and stories.

EYFS, Physical Development

Encourages the use of one-handed tools and equipment.

EYFS, Mathematics

Compare amounts, saying ‘lots’, ‘more’ or ‘same’.

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