Sensory Chewy Wave Bangle


Product Code: 708-SEN01081

A discreet and effective solution for individuals requiring oral sensory support and management.

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Enhanced Oral Stimulation

The bangle's textured bumps enhance oral stimulation, providing a tactile experience that helps users manage sensory needs discreetly.

Safe and Durable Material

Constructed from high-quality silicone, this bangle is safe for mild to moderate chewers, offering a durable solution for sensory processing.

Focus and Self-Regulation Aid

Designed to aid in self-regulation and focus, the bangle serves as an effective tool for individuals needing to calm and collect their thoughts.

Discreet Chewing Support

This sleek, wearable design ensures that users can have access to sensory support without drawing attention, ideal for social settings.

Portable Sensory Tool

Lightweight and easy to carry, it provides immediate sensory input wherever needed, supporting individuals with sensory processing challenges on the go.

Sensory Chewy Wave Style Bangle

A discreet and effective solution for individuals requiring oral sensory support and management.


  • The Sensory Chewy Wave Bangle is ideal for children that need sensory stimulation or just need something to hold. Made from high-quality, safe silicone, this bangle is not only durable but also perfectly suited for mild to moderate chewers. The wave design with its strategically placed bumps offers enhanced sensory stimulation, promoting oral sensory processing in a discreet manner.

  • Ideal for daily wear, the bangle serves as a subtle yet effective tool that can be used anytime and anywhere to aid focus and self-regulation. It provides necessary oral stimulation without attracting unwanted attention, making it a perfect companion for school, work, or social gatherings.

Technical Summary



  • Silicone

  • Age Range

  • Suitable for 4 to 16 years

Size and measurements


  • 60 mm

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