Child Emotion Chew Bangle


Product Code: 708-SD12648

A dual-purpose, non-toxic silicone bangle that supports sensory and emotional expression.

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Sensory Processing Support

This bangle is designed to meet sensory processing needs, providing a safe and effective way for children to manage sensory input through chewing.

Oral-Motor Strengthening Aid

Constructed from durable silicone, the bangle aids in oral-motor strengthening, supporting jaw and muscle development through therapeutic chewing.

Focus and Calm Enhancer

The dual-coloured design helps communicate the child's need for interaction or solitude, aiding in maintaining focus and calmness in various settings.

Non-Toxic Material

Made from non-toxic silicone, this bangle ensures safety while meeting the child's chewing needs, making it suitable for regular use.

Communication Tool

Featuring a red side that signals 'Leave Me Be' and a green side that invites 'Talk to Me', this bangle serves as an effective communication aid for children.

Child Emotion Bangle

A dual-purpose, non-toxic silicone bangle that supports sensory and emotional expression.


  • The Child Emotion Chew Bangle is an innovative aid designed to support children with emotional needs. Crafted from safe, non-toxic silicone, this bangle is both a practical tool for emotional expression and a beneficial aid for sensory processing.

  • By utilising the bangle's colour-coded sides, children can clearly communicate their emotional state to teachers and peers. The red side indicates a need for space, while the green side invites conversation, enhancing their control over social interactions.

  • Moreover, the bangle serves as an oral motor strengthening tool, helping to develop jaw strength and coordination through therapeutic chewing. This makes it not only a key aid for communication but also for physical development, supporting children in building essential skills in a discreet and manageable way.

Technical Summary



  • Silicone

  • Age Range

  • Suitable for 4 to 16 years

Size and measurements


  • 5.5 cm

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